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Not All Vendor Risk Can Be Assessed the Same:
Identify Your Total Risk at Scale

DatumSec delivers third-party risk assessment solutions that make risk scoring possible for those vendors that businesses normally leave out of their risk assessment program—namely small- and medium-size vendors. If you don’t know the potential risk of all your vendors, you can’t quantify, let alone mitigate, your total risk. 

Reaching Vendor Risk Enlightenment

Successfully mitigating third-party risk means moving beyond a limited number of vendor assessments to achieve risk enlightenment. This requires setting and managing risk baselines for all the vendors that traditionally land outside of your standard risk assessment program.

To reach an enlightened state, your risk assessment program must scale beyond traditional large enterprise vendors to account for the small and medium-sized businesses that bring just as much operational and technical risk to your environment.

The key is to make your assessments easy to complete and scalable across your entire vendor ecosystem. This creates a risk-scoring model that you can trust and verify.

The DatumSec third-party risk assessment solution expands your assessment program to include the vendors you traditionally omit, thereby improving your security posture and the security posture of your overall vendor ecosystem.

Where does your company sit in the risk assessment maturity curve?

Risk Assessment Baselines Should Be Easy To Meet

Assessment Repeatability and Efficiency for Vendors

You’re a vendor. You've been asked to perform a vendor risk assessment:

  • What does this mean?
  • How do you get started?
  • How do you know when you're done?
  • What does a successful assessment look like?

Get the answers to these questions and more

Questionnaires alone represent only a piece of the risk puzzle, and manually performing technical assessments drains your resources. If you don't have an efficient, repeatable assessment process, seriously think about implementing one—it's considered good business practice to manage your risk, and chances are, one of your business partners will ask for your risk assessment results at some point.

How efficient is your program?

CASE STUDY | BluFocus Leverages DatumSec Risk Assessment Score as a Vendor Badge of IT Security

Reporting of security controls data and a questionnaire combination gives business partners confidence the digital media services firm properly protects its extended enterprise.

Safeguard Your Vendor-Client Ecosystem from Data Breaches

Focusing on small- and medium-sized businesses, the DatumSec Vendor Assessment Program extends protections against cyberattacks that threaten business partners across the entire supply chain.

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