Outsourcing has become so popular that the average Fortune 1000 company utilizes over 27,000 external vendors. Unfortunately, these vendors don't have the same security controls in place as their clients, so safeguarding a company's data remains a serious challenge.

DatumSec has taken the same technologies that large enterprise companies use to secure their own networks and created a solution that works for the smallest third-party vendor. Our expertise is making this complex technology work for even those organizations without any IT skills at a cost that allows them to assess 100% of their vendors.

DatumSec operates under a single premise: offer a scalable, measurable, and repeatable approach to the vendor risk assessment process so that organizations gain the ability to reduce their third-party risk. With a team of dedicated professionals coming from security powerhouses like Symantec, Yahoo and Arbor Networks, DatumSec specializes in providing third-party vendor risk assessment solutions.

Whether you are a company that is reliant on thousands of vendors, or you are one of those thousands of vendors, we are here to help bring efficiency to your risk assessment program.

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