8 Microsoft Office 365 Security Tips To Reduce Data Loss

Even with a slew of new security tools and compliance guidance, there are still things you can do to protect this critical business system. In this Dark Reading slide show, the team at Datum Security offer up a couple tips for overcoming risks associated with running a business via Office 365.

Office 365 trial conversions could leak data

The challenge here lies with a free account created under a specific email address that is then later switched to a paid business subscription. These two accounts are not the same. Administrators have to be careful that Microsoft does not confuse the two accounts, or else there is a potential for sharing paid-subscription content with the trial account.

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Users don’t set passwords, they re-use passwords, and their credentials get hi-jacked

Passwords are often re-used, shared, stolen, and sometimes easily cracked. Once the credentials are compromised, access to the data within each of the Office 365 services is at risk for being accessed, exfiltrated, or even maliciously manipulated. However, users can’t be expected to provide additional factors of authentication every time they login on to every device.

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