The Data Risks of SMBs

The conventional wisdom among SMB owners who do not handle a lot of very confidential or sensitive data is that they will not be targets of cybercriminals. That's simply not the case. This latest ebook from SC Magazine explores the reasons why SMBs are targets of attackers and defenses they can put in place to reduce their attack profile. (source SC Magazine)

Jonathan Niednagel, CEO of Los Angeles-based Datum Security, which specializes in advising SMBs in measuring and managing their security profile, agrees that hackers do not discriminate based on size: “To think that a company isn’t attractive because they’re ‘small’ is just naive on the part of that company.”

Source: SC Magazine

Source: SC Magazine

Most small companies are not hacked because of the data that they possess, , Niednagel points out, but rather the access that they provide to larger companies. “A small company with minimal cyber defenses represents an easy jumping-off point for hackers to get behind the real target’s first line of defenses because they look like a trusted partner.”

That’s why intruders, who can be very patient, often go undetected for months or years. However, even basic security improvements by an SMB can reduce the probability of a breach by 86 percent, studies have shown, according to Niednagel. It’s the difference in convincing an attacker that it’s not worth their while.


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