The Looming Threat of Third-Party Security Risks

A recent survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute underscores just how uneasy business leaders feel in regards to the security postures of third-party vendors and other business partners with which they share sensitive and confidential information. In addition to not knowing for certain if third-party vendors maintain strong IT security defenses, more than a third of businesses surveyed "do not believe their primary third-party vendor would notify them if a data breach involving sensitive and confidential information occurred."

The outlook grows even worse when contemplating subcontractors who work for third-party vendors and may also come in contact with confidential information. An alarming 73% of survey respondents did not believe a subcontractor to a third-party vendor would raise a red flag if they suffered a data breach.

But what do the findings mean? Our CTO, Harry Wan, takes a deep dive into the report's findings to see which should create the call-to-action for businesses to search for processes and tools to help them deal with these challenges.

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