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For Businesses to Prove Their Security Posture to Themselves and Their Clients

DatumSec Cyber Risk Assessment


Whether you've been asked to do a cyber risk assessment by your client, or you are proactively assessing your own security posture on your own terms to get ahead of the competition, the assessment process does not have to be an overwhelming, expensive, and time-consuming endeavor.

Easy, Understandable, Validated Assessments


A risk assessment can be a scary beast, and if you're not a security professional, it can feel overwhelming. Sometimes it’s difficult to just start the assessment process, let alone have confidence that the final results are going to be "good enough." For these reasons and others, many companies don't bother performing a risk assessment as part of their clients' risk management programs. But this approach could threaten your business relationships.


It doesn't have to be so difficult. Designed with the small and medium-sized business in mind, the technical assessments delivered by the DatumSec Cyber Risk Assessment are well-documented and uniquely automated, ensuring the best possible results are achieved. Once an assessment is complete, we can deliver your score and a summary report to your business partners to let them know that your business meets their required risk assessment baseline.


DatumSec Cyber Risk Assessment has been developed with the understanding that long, complex questionnaires, rigorous and expensive security certifications, or invasive audits are not realistic for your company.  The advantage gained by going through our easy assessment comes not only from protecting your own security infrastructure, but also in protecting your business relationships.


Streamline Your Assessments

Comprising NIST, SANS and other risk-management standards and best practices, DatumSec Cyber Risk Assessment is comprehensive, yet streamlined, making it easy to complete and present to your clients.



Key Benefits


Automated Assessments

Policy, configuration and vulnerability assessments are automated, auditable and documented in full detail to ensure they adhere to your clients’ defined risk baselines.

Reusable for Multiple Clients

Leverage your assessment results across multiple clients as needed.  There is no need to reassess, and it eliminates the need to complete multiple questionnaires for multiple clients.


Know What Your Clients Will See

After scanning internal security controls, review and remediate for any areas of weakness.  Then, easily rescan and submit improved security controls data to your clients - putting forth your best security posture vs. having them run an external assessment without your awareness or involvement.

At-a-Glance Reporting

Generate real-time views of how and where your systems and data are at risk. Improve your posture, and then submit these reports to your clients so they can make smart risk-based decisions.


Assessment Best Practices

DatumSec’s vulnerability, policy and configuration assessments are based on NIST, SANS and other risk-management standards and best practices. The internal security controls that are evaluated represent the most likely avenues for attacks.

Actionable Results

DatumSec provides detailed results for remediation and can deliver reports to your business partners to let them know your security posture meets their required risk assessment baseline.


Streamlined Process

DatumSec employs a repeatable risk assessment process with clear and concise communications between vendors and their business partners. The process is much faster, easier, and more accurate than trying to wade through a 600 question questionnaire designed for much larger companies with dedicated security employees

Improved Security Posture

Good security is more than just achieving a checkmark for compliance; it also means reducing the risk of compromise for your own organization and the organizations with which you do business. By understanding your security posture and remediating any weaknesses, you are in a better position to keep your business up and running.

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