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For Vendors to Prove Their Security Posture to Their Clients

The DatumSec Vendor Assessment Program

Generate your own vendor risk score to maintain the best security posture possible

Streamline Your Assessments

Maintaining a high security risk score is critical not only for protecting your IT assets, but also for protecting the IT assets of your clients. Comprising NIST, SANS and other risk-management standards and best practices, DatumSec Vendor Assessments are comprehensive, yet streamlined, making them easy to complete and easy to present to your business partners.


Risk assessment teams can finally generate an accurate view of where and how their systems and data are at risk—quickly and efficiently.

Efficient and Repeatable Assessments

A risk assessment can be a scary beast, and repeatedly performing assessments for all your clients can be overwhelming. Sometimes it’s difficult just starting the assessment process, let alone feeling confident the final results are going to be "good enough." For these reasons and others, many vendors don't bother performing a risk assessment as part of their clients' risk management programs. But this approach could threaten the business relationship.

It doesn't have to be so difficult. Designed with the small- and medium-sized business in mind, the technical assessments delivered by the DatumSec Vendor Assessment Program are well-documented and uniquely automated, ensuring the best possible results are achieved. Once an assessment is completed, we can deliver your score and a summary report to your business partners to let them know that your business meets their required risk assessment baseline.


Download the Vendor Datasheet

For a snapshot view of how the DatumSec Vendor Assessment Program is specifically geared toward helping vendors complete assessments for their business partners, download the DatumSec Vendor Assessment Program datasheet.


Key Features

Automated Assessments

Policy, configuration and vulnerability assessments are automated, auditable and documented in full detail to ensure they adhere to your clients’ defined risk baselines.

Scalable To Thousands Of Vendors

Also assess as many of your own vendors in your portfolio as you want, as often as you want, and at the risk levels you want. Extend your risk management program beyond the top tier of vendors that you normally assess.


Whether you're running your own program or managing thousands of your own vendors, risk baselines can be tailored to match the operational and technical aspects of each business relationship.

At-a-Glance Reporting

Generate real-time views of how and where your systems and data are at risk. Provide these reports to your clients so they can make smart risk-based decisions.


Assessment Best Practices

DatumSec’s vulnerability, policy and configuration assessments are based on NIST, SANS and other risk-management standards and best practices. You can also fine-tune the assessments to your specific risk baseline.

Actionable Results

DatumSec provides detailed results for remediation and can deliver reports to your business partners to let them know your security posture meets their required risk assessment baseline.


Streamlined & Reusable Process

DatumSec employs a repeatable risk assessment process with clear and concise communications between vendors and their business partners. Vendors can also re-use the assessment results for other clients.

Improved Security Posture

Good security is more than just achieving a checkmark for compliance; it also means reducing the risk of compromise for your own organization and the organizations with which you do business.

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