DatumSec Solution Overview

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See how the DatumSec Vendor Assessment Program helps organizations manage third-party risk for all of their vendors.


Product Overview: For Vendors

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See how DatumSec Vendor Assessment Program helps third-party vendors attest and report with confidence while streamlining their assessments with automation.

Vendor Assessment Case Studies

DatumSec Vendor Assessment

BluFocus Leverages DatumSec Risk Assessment Score as a Vendor Badge of IT Security

Reporting of security controls data and a questionnaire combination gives business partners confidence the digital media services firm properly protects its extended enterprise.

Vendor Risk Management:
A Solution for Law Firms

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See how the DatumSec Vendor Assessment Program helps law firms, inside counsel, and other legal entities mitigate the risk associated with an accidental or malicious breach of attorney-client privilege by a third-party vendor, supplier, or contractor.

Assessing Your Vendor Risks: Internal vs. External

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Many organizations have well-defined processes to assess the security posture and business risk presented by their largest vendors. Unfortunately, however, those processes may not be sufficient to properly assess every vendor tier where a good chunk of risk likely exists. More specifically, most tools and processes fall short when it comes to extending third-party vendor risk assessments to handle the smaller (tier 2 and tier 3) vendors, service providers, contractors, and consultants. Size-based filters and a simple outside-in approach isn’t sufficient.


Assessing & Mitigating Security Risks from Small & Mid-Sized Suppliers

A DatumSec White Paper

Every vendor represents a potential security risk to your organization. Whether it’s a small specialized law rm, a local value-added reseller delivering technology and providing services, a consultant dedicated to your industry, or an o-shore Web developer, it’s important to understand those risks—and make the best possible decisions before they touch your infrastructure, your systems, and your data.


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