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DatumSec services can help you get started and successfully move through the vendor risk management lifecycle.

For organizations who would like to measure the risk level of their vendors in order to determine and secure a budget for mitigating any risk that’s identified, DatumSec offers a three-phased assessment program.

Vendor Classification Service


How many Tier 2 and Tier 3 vendors do you have? Which small- and medium-sized businesses do you share sensitive business information with? Don't know? You should.

With the DatumSec Vendor Classification Service, your company gets:

  • A single report covering each vendor provided
  • Basic validation of each vendor's business type
  • Collection and classification of each vendor's online properties
  • Review of the vendor's products and services offered
  • Classification of vendor size: small, medium, or large to prepare for DatumSec’s 7 Indicators of Posture™ evaluation
Vendor Risk Estimation Service


It's easy to assume your large vendors have their security affairs in order - they may even give you a report that gives you some confidence in this area. What about your small- and medium-sized partners? Chances are, they don't have the same budget, staff, technologies, processes, and other resources in place to protect their access to your systems and data.

With the DatumSec Vendor Risk Estimation Service, your company gets:

  • Estimation of possible data or system access provided to the vendor
  • Evaluation against DatumSec’s 7 Indicators of Posture
  • Where applicable, recommend possible assessments and/or remediations for each vendor
Baseline Assessment Service


Your vendors are classified and their risk has been estimated - in fact, you have a decent number of vendors that could pose a risk to your business systems and data. Now what?

With the DatumSec Baseline Risk Assessment Service, your company gets:

  • Support for vendor on-boarding into the DatumSec Vendor Assessment Program for ongoing self-management
  • Vendor support for the DatumSec questionnaire and automated internal assessment process
  • Continuous monitoring against DatumSec's 7 Indicators of Posture

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